Monday, August 14, 2006

Hot Nights In Malapascua!

All right.. That title seemed like this is porn. It's not. Sorry guys. Hahaha.

But maybe just a little.

Ok, so I've been away for like forever. Sorry for that. I was on a business trip. Again. This time, had to check a site and sit with clients for some shitty proposals. All went well though I went there on my own.

Ok. About that Malapascua trip...

Well, we left Cebu city Saturday at five am. A few hours earlier, Jed and I were texting. He said that he could drop by the house so we could reach the North Bus Terminal together. I knew that it was a silly excuse to know where I live. Hahaha. So, I said that I'd have someone take me there. He stopped texting. LOL..

5 AM

Jed and four other guys were already there. Jed was wearing this really sexy beach shorts and light blue hawaiian polo. Underneath it was an "aircon" sando. Yes, guys. He looked sexy.

The four other guys are not really bad. But they don't stand out. You know what i mean? Well, that's what I thought too until Ron, the last guy, arrived. I've seen him a couple of times each day at the office. But all we've exchanged so far are nods and good mornings.

I don't know why he caught my attention this time. He was simply wearing an oversized shirt, big lousy shorts and a baseball cap. He was simple. I guess that's why I'm attracted to him. Yes, I am attracted. What the fuck?

Well yeah. We sat together. So that's like four hours, guys. The trip to the end of cebu was like four hours. So yeah. I sat for four hours with him. It was a blast, guys! He's a really fun guy. Jed was seated at the front part of the bus. He was like, looking our way from time to time. I can sense that he was irked by how he got seated away from most of us. Poor guy. LOL.

We were somewhere in Danao when I started feeling like I wanted to lean on his shoulders and fake sleep. hahaha. He sure looks strong and capable, you know. Plus, he's cute. ... (to be continued)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I haven't updated my blogs in like a million years... sorry for that..

Anyways, A LOT of things happened to me.

First. I'm excited about my upcoming trip to Malapascua with friends. I haven't been to Malapascua so I'm fairly jumpy about it. Yay!

Second. My girlfriend is scheduled to leave for Singapore this Friday. I'm kinda sad but she needs to take this flight. She's going to attend her bestfriend's wedding. So, I guess there'd be a lot of fucking the night before her flight. LOL.

Third, I will be spending two nights in Malapascua with eight other Engineers.

Fourth, NEWBIE would surely be there.

Well, well, well... Isn't that promising enough.

Well, it is. And I bet that it would be very fun. And naughty. And exciting. And hot. Hahahaha.

Wait. I haven't told you what happened these past few days, right?

Well, the day after the 'unexpected lunch' and the meeting with the 'bitch', I reported back to work.

When I entered my office, I found a small card on my table.

It read (COVER):



Then a short note: Get well soon. John Dennis XXXX (that's why he's Jed)

The moment I read it, I was like, WOW!

Well, I was told that when I didn't report to work, Jed went inside my office and said that he needed to check some files. Hahaha. Tricky, tricky man.

And guess what happened next? I checked my mails and I got two from him. Whoah! hahaha... One was an uber-cheesy chain and the other was another get well soon note. He's a pretty thoughtful guy, right? Hehehe

I was busy the whole morning and I never left my office until lunch time. And come lunch time, I used the side door to get to the cafeteria upstairs. I was sippin on my iced tea when I got a text from you know who. He asked me if I was out.

I didn't text back. Not because I didn't want to talk with him. It's because I wanted to keep the thrill in things. I didn't wanna see where things would lead just yet. I have the entire Saturday and Sunday for that. LOL

He went inside the office at around three and brought a big slice of cake. He said his mom baked it. Again, I pretended that I wasn't interested. Hahaha. But I said thank you. He left when he felt that I wasn't in the mood for silly conversations.

I kinda felt bad when he left. I mean, he's such a good guy. And I've no reason to treat him that way. Am I right?


Well, the time right now is eleven. And I just got home. You know where I went? Mountain View Nature Park. It's a nature park in the mountains of Cebu.

Guess who invited me there? Yes. You know who.

We sat on this small bench and I swear, we were like so close to each other. I thought I was gonna lose control right there. He talked about his family and his life. He also talked about how much he likes me as a friend. I also learned some things about his girlfriend.

I swear, he hinted on being open to ANYTHING. hahaha. Is he sending me the right signals? Why would he want to hang out alone with me, anyway?

We were quiet for some time while we were drinking our beers. Then he suddenly said something that I will never soon forget. Actually, i kinda expected it but I didn't know that he would actually do it.

The, he kissed me.

Yes. Kissed me.

It was a four-second kiss, i guess. Coz I pulled away. No tongues. Just pure passionate kiss.
When I pulled away, he said "Im sorry. It will never happen again"

All I said was "..finish your beer and let's go."

We didn't say a word on our way back to the city. He looked kinda tense. He wouldn't look my way.
When I got off at some place where I parked my car, I took time to look at him and smile.

Then I said, "Don't forget to text me that you got home safely".

After that, I swear he lit up like a light bulb. =)

God, I hope I'm doing the right things.

I don't know where this will lead me.

Dude of the Day

He's tastefully named NEUFRON over at myspace.... Hmmmm...

This guy is just an ANGEL....

There's nothing more I can say but fuck me! WTF!

Anyways, enjoy him! =P

Friday, July 28, 2006

Myspace Cutie of the Day

Name: Francis

He looks so innocent. As a matter of fact, he looks like an angel.

But they say that angels CAN BE devils...

I sure hope so... LOL

Dude of the Day

Name: Dennis Trillo

Award-Winning Actor
Recording Artist
Crush Ng Bayan
Certified Gentleman
Polite, Kind and Good-Natured

What more could you ask for?

B I T C H!!!!!!

I missed you guys...

Well, I have some really interesting news for you...

I didn't go to the office yesterday right? I filed a one-day leave and I ended up receiving a text message from the newbie. Hahaha. He texted again some four times during the day and twice during the night (the last one to say goodnight! hahaha). But I never texted back. I don't know why. hehe..

Anyways, the whole day today, I pretended that I was sick so I could spend more time at home with my girl. I called in sick and asked our secretary to file a Sick Leave for me. She was so worried and so she informed my boss right away.

Well, my boss also happened to be Newbie's boss, remember? So, he knew right away why I couldn't come to the office.

Since I couldn't hit the malls as I 'was sick', I decided to knock on my girlfriend's doors. I ended up drinking with her dad and kuya (who were not really 'palahubogs'/lasenggeros). So, on our fourth grande, her dad was like almost a boneless twig and kuya was as red as my gf's mens. Hahaha.

So you're waiting for the punchline, right? Well, here it is..

By noon, my gf and her mom went out for some groceries. Her dad was back in his room by that time. And her kuya was like a dumb little boy who couldn't tell dick from spoon.

At probably quarter to one, kuya went 'unconscious'. hahaha.

I took him to his room and he was like just lifeless. Totally dead.

When I got him on his bed, I stared at him for the longest time. He was such an angel. Truly gorgeous. The mound between his two legs seemed to pull me closer to him. Instinctively, I placed my hand on his crotch. I looked at him and I knew he was really really asleep. So, I touched him again and this time, really took my time. I 'traced' his dick with my pointer and thumb and I felt its flaccid length.

I was totally shaking with fear and excitement that when I heard the door open downstairs, I swear I almost fainted.

I hurriedly went out of the room and went down the stairs to find my gf and her mom with the stuff they bought.

Wooohh!!! That was CLOSE! hahaha..

I told my girlfriend that I would be back later that evening and that I'd go home to take a shower and get some sleep.

On my way out of the village, I chanced upon this empty street. I parked my car and marturbated at the thought of finally touching kuya's dick. hahaha. I had to get rid of one of my valued hankies. tsk tsk tsk. But that was definitely one of the best orgasms ever! So, no sweat! hahaha.

Anyways, I decided to drop by Ayala (despite mental debates) for some quick lunch and immediately remembered that super platter special at Bigby's. So I ordered one to go. I was on my way to get a cup of coffee when fuck of all fucks, guess who I saw? Or, I mean, guess who saw me?

Yes, you guessed it right. Newbie. Well, he was going to grab a bite at Don Hen's. Here's the actual conversation. Or as far as I could remember.

Newbie: So, you're sick, huh?
: Don't tell a single soul.
Newbie: You know what? I'd do that if you do two things for me.
: What?
Newbie: You tell me why you didn't answer my messages. And you have lunch with me.
: (I showed him my meal bag).
Newbie: My treat.

I ended up having lunch with him. Again, on that cutesy little table.

And again, he asked why I never texted back. I told him where I was just before he saw me. He asked why I didn't text the other day. I said I was busy. He didn't believe me but he just kept quiet and ate silently. I fought hard the urge to kiss him. Instead, I downed my lemonade in one big gulp. Shit!

When we were almost done, somebody came to our table. Newbie introduced the girl and told me that it was his girlfriend. I didn't know how to react actually. But I guess i extended my right hand and we shook hands. She was pretty. But certainly not all that!

I hurriedly made up an excuse and politely told them that I had to go.

Shit! That bitch just ruined my fucking day!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

To All Readers

I did not mean to flood you with pictures of men. They might have offended you, so I'm sorry.

But really, I was just appreciating masculine beauty, that's all.

Don't worry. Apart from my casual use of the words 'fuck' and 'suck', rest assured that you won't find photos of dick on my blogs. That's a promise.

And never fret. From now on, I'll limit my Dude Of The Day Photos to max of 2 and Myspace Cuties to 2 each day.

Thanks Y'all!


Wait, I got to tell you this.

I was on leave today so I wasn't able to see anyone from the office.

Guess what happened?

JED, the newbie texted me.

Hahaha. I wonder how he got my number.

Apparently, he did not know that I filed for paid leave. So, I bet he asked a good friend for my number.

Here's his actualy text message:

"Hey, this is Jed. Your assistant sed that U won't cum to the offc 2day. R u alright? R u not feeling well? Well, do take care. We'v got a lot of stuf 2 finish! Lol. Txt bak pls"

What do you think guys?

What can you infer? =D

Dude of the Day

Name: Andrew Stetson

Isn't he a gorgeous thing?

Do you know any cool dudes?

Let me know, and I'm look them up. So we can all oggle together! LOL.

MySpace Cuties..

Here are tonight's cuties...

This dude's name's Aris. I read that he was totally against posers. I just noticed that his grammar's weird. But that's beside the point. He's hot.

This one's Yudi. I know. His names' too gay. But who cares? As long as you have those red lips and those tasty eyes. You can fuck me all you want.

I swear, Jayson right here looks like Paolo Bediones. I have two hot pics of him to prove it. What do you think?

And this one's the prettiest in the bunch. Nicolo. I love this boy already. I know he's nice and I'm pretty sure he thrusts well. His name is even sweet. =-D

So, which guy do you think I should hit it off with first? LOL.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Remember

I was surfing tonight when I spotted this very hot picture.

As soon as I saw this picture, only one thing came to my mind. Arnold.

Now, you might be wondering who he is. Well, he just happened to be my girlfriend's older brother. It sucks, doesn't it?

So let me tell you about it...

I guess that was some two years ago when I came to visit my girlfriend at her parents' home. She was living at some pad that time. She occupied one unit. The unit next to hers was occupied by her brother. Arnold. Well, it so happened that the entire apartment complex became a victim of some arson (you heard about that incident?) The fire quickly ate up the rest of the 7 other units. What my girlfriend and her brother were able to salvage were only their cars and a few other things.

So, when I visited her, she was staying at her parents' house. In the mean time. That's what Arnold also did. Apparently.

And luck of all luck, I had to go pee. My gf told me to use the bathroom upstairs as some new tiles were being placed inside the main bathroom.

So, without any care in the world, I went upstairs and enter the room that she described.

I almost screamed when I saw her older brother in bed. In FUCKING briefs. That has got to be the hottest thing that ever happened to me. I was like SO FUCKING HARD that instant.

I later learned that his brother got home around four in the morning and was totally wasted.

I was really tempted to squeeze those lovely balls but decided that I wouldn't do such stupid stuff inside the house of the girl whom I am fully committed to.

Until now, I still masturbate at the image of her hot brother lying there unconscious on bed.