Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Remember

I was surfing tonight when I spotted this very hot picture.

As soon as I saw this picture, only one thing came to my mind. Arnold.

Now, you might be wondering who he is. Well, he just happened to be my girlfriend's older brother. It sucks, doesn't it?

So let me tell you about it...

I guess that was some two years ago when I came to visit my girlfriend at her parents' home. She was living at some pad that time. She occupied one unit. The unit next to hers was occupied by her brother. Arnold. Well, it so happened that the entire apartment complex became a victim of some arson (you heard about that incident?) The fire quickly ate up the rest of the 7 other units. What my girlfriend and her brother were able to salvage were only their cars and a few other things.

So, when I visited her, she was staying at her parents' house. In the mean time. That's what Arnold also did. Apparently.

And luck of all luck, I had to go pee. My gf told me to use the bathroom upstairs as some new tiles were being placed inside the main bathroom.

So, without any care in the world, I went upstairs and enter the room that she described.

I almost screamed when I saw her older brother in bed. In FUCKING briefs. That has got to be the hottest thing that ever happened to me. I was like SO FUCKING HARD that instant.

I later learned that his brother got home around four in the morning and was totally wasted.

I was really tempted to squeeze those lovely balls but decided that I wouldn't do such stupid stuff inside the house of the girl whom I am fully committed to.

Until now, I still masturbate at the image of her hot brother lying there unconscious on bed.


Anonymous robeebaby said...

you should've atleast peeked at how his junior looked like! hahaha!

1:40 AM  
Blogger dave said...

i've done that a gazillion times! in my mind. haha

10:06 PM  

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