Thursday, July 27, 2006

To All Readers

I did not mean to flood you with pictures of men. They might have offended you, so I'm sorry.

But really, I was just appreciating masculine beauty, that's all.

Don't worry. Apart from my casual use of the words 'fuck' and 'suck', rest assured that you won't find photos of dick on my blogs. That's a promise.

And never fret. From now on, I'll limit my Dude Of The Day Photos to max of 2 and Myspace Cuties to 2 each day.

Thanks Y'all!


Wait, I got to tell you this.

I was on leave today so I wasn't able to see anyone from the office.

Guess what happened?

JED, the newbie texted me.

Hahaha. I wonder how he got my number.

Apparently, he did not know that I filed for paid leave. So, I bet he asked a good friend for my number.

Here's his actualy text message:

"Hey, this is Jed. Your assistant sed that U won't cum to the offc 2day. R u alright? R u not feeling well? Well, do take care. We'v got a lot of stuf 2 finish! Lol. Txt bak pls"

What do you think guys?

What can you infer? =D


Anonymous robeebaby said...

he likes you... or else he wouldnt be asking you to text him back.

1:48 AM  
Blogger dave said...

well, that would surely make things a little more complicated..

10:05 PM  

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